Driven by passion. Inspired by you.

Perfecto Digital is collectively operated by three creative minds and digitally-driven personas. Alone, we moved mountains. Together, we move people – using our marketing prowess to expand empires. We wanted to create a no-nonsense digital agency that could get stuff done for its clients – on time and under budget. In 2017, the seed was planted. Today, it’s still growing – kept alive by the clients we serve.

Until now, the three of us walked different roads, bringing our varied experience to one creative table. When we sat around that table for the first time, the air was thick with excitement. We knew that, together, we could help businesses grow through proven marketing and development techniques. No matter the channel or goal, from driving traffic to increasing sales or improving brand recognition, we can measure it all.

We’re reimagining the way professionals collaborate and get things done, driving successful campaigns designed to do one thing – work. We have full confidence in our skills which, fused with your vision, forms a recipe for long-lasting success.

Let’s get down to business. Your business.

Bruno Berlafa
Digital marketing runs through Bruno’s blood. His vast international experience has seen him escorting countless businesses to prosperity – from start-ups to publicly listed companies. With broad affiliate marketing and SEO experience, Bruno is an indispensable asset to any project.
Mikael Torstensson
Mikael has been in digital marketing since before it became “a thing.” His diverse experience spans sales, purchasing, SEO, PPC, and other forms of business development. Mikael has been collaborating with one of Sweden’s largest eCommerce companies for 10+ years, managing marketing for a handful of European brands.
Marcin Troscianczuk
While most people have to start at the bottom of the “food-chain,” Marcin gained a head-start by landing a job at one of London’s largest media agencies. His 8+ years of experience spans Search Engine Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Marketing Data. Marcin has also headed multiple projects for star names in the iGaming industry.

Let’s tell your digital story – together.