Gone are the days of posting an ad in the local paper and praying for the best. Today, audiences are online. Modern marketing isn’t black and white. It’s a colourful landscape demanding intense skillsets, knowledge, and most importantly, experience. Thankfully, we have all of the above and are ready to level-up your marketing game.

As a digital agency in the digital world, we know how to balance age-old marketing techniques with new-age ones. We’ll measure your full-spectrum success across every channel, digital or not, making sure they’re connected through your brand identity and purposes. If we can measure it, we can improve it – simple.


Search Marketing.

For close to a decade, Search Engine Marketing has remained one of the most cost-effective (and critical) marketing activities for most industries worldwide. At Perfecto, we’ve had our hands full with Search Marketing tasks for 10+ years…and counting.

While Google is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking search marketing and ad optimization, organic or paid, many businesses overlook other key pieces of the puzzle such as App Store and internal search engine optimization, or contextual targeting. In fact, in certain geographical locations, other search engines trump Google entirely – like Yandex.


Digital Display Marketing.

From banner ads on highways to those on websites, digital displays are here…and they’re here to stay. Thankfully, modern-day tracking techniques and programmatic buying (among other features) have made them more affordable.

Whether you want to feed your online presence or target a specific audience for more conversions, our toolbox is bursting with everything needed for strategy shaping, tracking set-up, optimization, and media buying. Put us to the test – we’ll show you what we mean.


Data & Web Analytics.

We’re obsessed with data and analytics. Whether we’re measuring it, analysing it, or optimizing it, it’s in our blood.

Together, we can measure it, improve it, and bring your competitors to their knees.


Give your audience a story to remember.